Wide Format Printer Drivers

Wide Format Printer Drivers


  • Automated behaviour with default and customized template settings
  • Constant feedback on status, media and ink toner availability of the printer
  • Easy installation through Connect Assistant and automatic printer discovery
  • Easy deployment of configurations with templates and shared custom sizes
  • Optimal data processing for fast availability of applications enabling you to get back to work quicker
  • Clear and modern user interface with all functions directly accessible from main screen

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Wide Format Printer Drivers

Next generation wide format printer driver for Windows: WPD2

The WPD is our preferred driver when it comes to printing to wide format printers from Windows applications.

Reduce paper waste with first time right printing

View clear positioning of image on media with on-screen interactive preview

View mismatch of image and media

Online feedback on available media types

Fit to latest workflow

Check and adjust the print layout page by page for multipage PDF documents

Just print the image you want with the automatic cropping feature

Track your prints with integrated accounting features

Wide format printer drivers for many environments

Driver for Adobe PostScript level 3

In addition to the WPD we also offer the Adobe PostScript level 3 driver for printing from Apple Macintosh environment. This driver is designed to drive all TDS, TCS, ColorWave and PlotWave printers.

WPD1 for Windows

First generation driver for wide format printers designed to drive all TDS, TCS, ColorWave and PlotWave printers as well as older wide format printers.

WPD2 for Windows

Next generation driver for wide format printers designed to drive PlotWave 300, PlotWave 350, ColorWave 300, ColorWave 550, ColorWave 600 and ColorWave 650 printers.


- Optimised to print from AutoCAD® and AutoCAD applications

- Microsoft "Compatible with Windows 7"

- Microsoft "Certified for Windows Server R2 2008"

- Microsoft “Certified for Windows Server 2008”

- Microsoft “Works with Vista” Certification

- Designed for Microsoft XP

- Designed for Windows 2003 Server

- Tested and approved by Novell