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At the Creative Hub we offer creative in-house services – we’re always in for communication challenges. We’re already based at 25 A-brand companies in the Netherlands, responding to their needs by managing communication from within their own walls. Right at the heart of their organization, The Creative Hub works closely with the communication, HR and marketing departments.

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Bite-sized creativity

It’s a demanding time for organizations. Responding to trends and innovations is nothing short of a day job. We combine predefined formats and technology with innovative ideas and creativity. This allows us to fully focus on creativity without having to re-invent the wheel. In doing so, customers exactly know what to expect in terms of deliverables, timing and budget.



The Creative Hub

We see every communication challenge as an opportunity. Curious about what we do and how we approach it?

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In-house or virtual studio

Working with The Creative Hub means working with an in-house team of creative experts. They will be available fulltime at a department within your organisation. When there is no need for us to be in-house, a virtual team, can be formed from our network of over 50 creative specialists, always there to help you out with the expertise you need. With 25 studio’s across the country, spread over 6 regions, with one network, we always have the right experts for every job.


Start-up mentality

The Creative Hub invents, surprises and designs. No-nonsense and hands-on. Entrepreneurship, ingenuity and the ability to relate to the culture and philosophy of our customers is what runs in our blood. Always considerate of our customers and each other, we are passionate, hard-working specialists who love the work we do! We work among others for this beautiful customer group, for which we carry out fantastic projects. Read more about these projects here .

Nice to meet you! Would you like to know more about our creative services or can we already help you with a communication challenge?

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