Canon Digital IXUS v²

Canon PowerShot en IXUS Compact camera's

Digital IXUS v²

Canon Digital IXUS v²

De absolute top in stijl en verfijning

The DIGITAL IXUS v² offers the ultimate in digital style and refinement. It combines smart technology with ergonomic design in an ultra compact camera body. Direct Print compatible.


  • Ultra compact and stylish design
  • 2.0 M pixel CCD ; 2x optical zoom lens;
  • 3-point Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus (AiAF)
  • Direct Print with Card Photo Printers and Bubble Jet Direct Prnters
  • Television playback
  • USB connection

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The DIGITAL IXUS v² is an ultra compact camera with a highly attractive brushed stainless steel exterior. It’s a visual masterpiece and a joy to hold. The ergonomically designed cross-key controls make this camera easy to operate. The DIGITAL IXUS v² features a high quality 35-70mm (35mm equivalent) 2x optical zoom lens, with a bright maximum aperture of f2.8. Its 2.0 megapixel CCD captures even the finest details. The camera incorporates an “intelligent-orientation sensor” making the camera aware of which way you’re holding it up, so it automatically rotates your portraits, and compensates for bright sky in the top of the frame. The DIGITAL IXUS v² also supports Canon’s Direct Print printers – the Card Photo Printer CP-100, CP-10 and the Bubble Jet S830D & S530D. Direct Printing is the quickest and easiest way to get photo quality prints without a PC. Simply connect the camera to the printer, select the image on your camera, and print. The CP-100 allows up to 10 x 15cm* photo quality prints and the CP-10 is ideal for credit card size photos. The Bubble Jet printers even deliver prints up to A4 size. With movie mode, it is possible to capture movie clips up to 30 seconds and, by making use of the video lead supplied, the camera can be connected to a TV set, to view and share photos and movies.
The DIGITAL IXUS v2 is fully automatic, with a built in flash firing when needed, however the more adventurous photographer can have greater control by accessing the cameras more advanced features. Users can choose between two metering modes (Evaluative and Spot, with AE lock), select from a range of White Balance settings (auto, 5 Pre-set and custom), alter the equivalent ISO film speed setting (from ISO 50 to 400) and control the flash. The Photo Effects option allows images to be taken in vivid colour, neutral, sepia and black and white. There is also a Stitch Assist mode for taking panorama shots that can be merged using the supplied PhotoStitch application. Going digital means easy connectivity between the camera and your PC’s USB port opening up the whole new world of digital imaging. Canon’s software suite for PC/Mac includes user-friendly Canon ZoomBrowser EX, PhotoStitch and PhotoRecord. This camera comes with a high power Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. The DIGITAL IXUS v² supports Exif Print.
* Actual size 100 x 148mm